An Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace in Charlotte?

An outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit in Charlotte?

Recreating an outdoor living room is high on many homeowners wish list, and it’s an enjoyable way to welcome company or simply relax in your patio. Whether you live in a cold climate or not, an outdoor fire pit or fireplace can really boost your enjoyment. By providing a source of light and heat for you and your guests, it’s one of the finer luxuries one can enjoy in their outdoor setting or patio.

When you want to enhance your outdoor living area, deciding between an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can be a tough choice. To make the right choice, you should consider all the factors in whether or not an outdoor fire pit or fireplace makes sense for your home or outdoor setting. We break down the pros and cons of each kind below.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Otherwise known as a permanent structure that serves as a firebox, the fireplace is meant

outdoor stone fireplace

A recent outdoor fireplace in Charlotte, NC.

to contain the fire and funnel the smoke upward though the chimney. There are many benefits to this style of outdoor fire setting, namely the control of noxious fumes and smoke. The exterior of your outdoor fireplace can also feature different types of rocks or finishes, which creates a warming outdoor space while increasing house values. 

Fireplaces can come in square designs or arches as well as have additional features like a mantle or decorative iron that can be stylish and functional. Many custom built fireplaces can be built into the side of your home or even feature screens. These screens and this kind of control keeps embers at bay and smoke away from you and your guests, however the heat from these units can be rather diminished.

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Outdoor Fire Pits

outdoor fire pit charlotte

A recently installed outdoor fire pit Charlotte

There are many different kinds of outdoor fire pits in Charlotte, but the most basic is just a hole with raised sides. Fire pits can feature various safety amenities that can prevent fire and embers from flying out, but on windy nights, fire pits pose a higher fire safety risk than outdoor fireplaces. Some fire pits are round or circular but squares designed fire pits are becoming more popular. Meant to contain the open fire with the retaining walls, these walls are typically covered in natural stone or concrete pavers.

These walls often lead to a ledge for ease of use and can feature a lip to help keep fire away from people. They can also be mobile and allow you to move them from your backyard, to your terrace or patio and more. Because of the open element design, fire pits can give off much more heat and light then their fireplace counterparts.

Another important component is cost. While fireplaces are more permanent in structure they come with a higher price and outdoor fire pits tend to be less expensive, due to their sizes and ‘mobility’.

If all things are equal, many times this choice comes down to preference or comfort of use. If you feel familiar and capable of containing an open fire in the fire pit, it can be a difficult choice to make the move to a fireplace. If you prefer the ease of use and the ability of the fireplace to keep fire and smoke away from the party, it’s never a bad choice.

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