Who said Fireplaces Need to Be Inside?

Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens are a great way to spend more time entertaining or just enjoying your family. They can be constructed from a variety of materials such as natural stone, pavers, or brick.

When you need a fully functional outdoor kitchen, we put some extra thought into it. Good planning will directly affect how much use and enjoyment you ultimately get for friends and family.

The style of outdoor bars and kitchen and dining area that works best is simply the one that works best for you. Here are a few outdoor examples:

  • Built-In Grill Station – a simple built-in grill station is located just steps away from the covered patio dining area. Its nearness to the house makes for easy access to food and supplies. When appropriate, we position the built-in grill or kitchen structure to hide air conditioning units or other utilities from view.
  • Retaining Wall With Grill Station – this large grill station is neatly built into a retaining wall. There is generous counter space on either side of the grill and a refreshing view of the landscaped hillside just beyond the stone back splash.
  • Full-Service Outdoor Kitchen Patio – this is a full-feature kitchen with a split-level bar smartly located between the garden and patio doors of the main house. It efficiently includes café seating, a food prep area, a large undermount sink/dishwasher, and room for an under-counter refrigerator.

Charlotte Pavers & Stone designs and installs multiple outdoor fireplaces and kitchens every year. We can lend our deep knowledge to your dream outdoor space. We can even advise on additional outdoor features such as patios and retaining walls to further complement the space.

The professional and experienced approach taken by Charlotte Pavers & Stone will ensure all outdoor projects will look stunning and be admired by you and all your guests. Take a moment to browse our outdoor kitchen & fireplace gallery and contact us today for a consultation and on-site estimate.

Outdoor Fireplace & Kitchen Gallery