Masonry Repair Services

In many cases repairing a loose brick or a crack in your driveway will help maintain your budget better than removing and replacing an entire feature later. Cost effective and proactive brick and concrete repair for walls, fireplaces or driveways will be your best bet in the short term, whereas the damaged pieces will only continue to deteriorate and can impact the structural integrity of surrounding areas. Why not repair and save time and money by having Charlotte Pavers & Stone advise you regarding masonry repair or replace issues?

We specialize in a variety of masonry repair services such as:

  • concrete repair of cracks for the driveway, patio or walkways
  • brick repair of cracks in retaining walls
  • brick, concrete or stone step repair
  • outdoor fireplace and kitchen stone repairs

The professional and experienced approach taken by Charlotte Pavers & Stone will ensure any repair project will result in new life to your driveway, retaining wall or fireplace. Take a moment to browse our before and after portfolio and contact us today for a consultation and estimate.

Before & After Gallery

Here are what customers are saying about our masonry repair services:

The brick steps on my front porch were in desperate need of repair. Charlotte Pavers and Stone responded quickly to my inquiry and I was extremely pleased with the quality of their work; moreover, I found their price for the project to be fair and more


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