Concrete Repair

Over time, concrete can crack for a number of reasons including settlement, overloading, poor construction or the washing out of the ground under the concrete. Other damage that can occur includes chipped corners, especially on concrete steps. Concrete repair is the simple and cost effective solution to add new life to your old and tired concrete.

Damaged concrete is not only a safety hazard but affects the beauty of your space and could result in lower home valuations. Why suffer the scourge of ugly concrete when you could have a beautiful smoothly poured replacement?

Charlotte Pavers and Stone specializes in the restoration of old concrete and can take your less than glamorous path of cracking and crumbling concrete and transform it in something magnificent and show worthy. We will also demo & haul away your old concrete so you have one less headache to worry about.

We specialize in concrete repair such as:

  • concrete repair of old patio or walkways
  • concrete repairs of cracked or crumbling driveways
  • new concrete driveways, walks, & patios
  • replacement of falling concrete walls

The professional and experienced approach taken by Charlotte Pavers & Stone will ensure any repair project will result in new life to your driveway, retaining wall or patio. Take a moment to browse our before and after portfolio and contact us today for a consultation and estimate. We take pride in our work and live by the motto that no job is too small!

Before & After Gallery

Here are what customers are saying about Charlotte Pavers and Stone concrete repair services:

The brick steps on my front porch were in desperate need of repair. Charlotte Pavers and Stone responded quickly to my inquiry and I was extremely pleased with the quality of their work; moreover, I found their price for the project to be fair and more


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